3 Easy Steps How You Can Hang Curtains| Easy Guide 2022

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In a world where everyone is constantly connected, it can be hard to take a moment for yourself. That’s why we ’ve put together this easy companion on how to blackout curtains dubai . Follow these simple way and you ’ll be ready to start relaxing in no time.

Whether you need to redecorate your living room or just want to add a touch of feminity to your bedroom, curtains are the perfect way to do it. With so numerous different designs and colors available, there’s bound to be commodity that will suit your requirements. So whether you ’re looking for a quick and easy design or commodity that will make a big impact, read on for our easy companion on how to hang curtains in Dubai.

What You will Need

To hang curtains, you’ll need a curtain rod, curtain panel, curtain rings, and curtain hooks. The curtain rod should be at least 30 elevation long and have a periphery of at least 1 inch. The curtain panel should be at least 36 elevation wide and the length should measure the range of the window plus ½ inch. The rings should be at least 1 inch in periphery and the hooks should be at least ¾ inch in periphery.

How to Hang Curtains

There are a many easy way you can take to hang curtains.

  1. Measure the range of your curtain rod and the distance between the top of your curtain and the wall. This will give you the size of type you will need.
  2. Mark the classes onto the wall where you want them, being careful not to damage the makeup.
  3. squinch the classes into the wall using screws that are long enough so that they stick out a little bit from both sides of the type. Be sure to use a position while deforming in order to insure that your curtains hang unevenly.
  4. Hang your curtains by threading one end of the Curtains in Jumeirah Beach Residence through one of the classes and tying it off before, also doing the same with the other end.

Tips for a Perfect Look

In order to achieve a perfect look when blackout curtains in dubai , follow these easy way


  1. First, measure the range of the window and divide it by two. This is the approximate height of the curtain rod you’ll need.
  2. Next, find the length of the curtain rod and divide it by two.
  3. Eventually, match up the height and length to find your final purchase!

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