bostonbased 145m nightdragon partnersbrienventurebeat

bostonbased 145m nightdragon partnersbrienventurebeat

145m nightdragon is a Boston-based startup that uses data to help music artists connect with fans and grow their audience. brienventurebeat is the company’s flagship product, and it’s a platform that helps artists connect with their audiences. brienventurebeat offers a suite of products and services that includes marketing, merchandising, ticketing, and more. 145m nightdragon is a great example of how technology can help music artists grow their audiences. With brienventurebeat, they can better connect with their fans and turn them into long-term supporters.

bostonbased 145m nightdragon partnersbrienventurebeat

Boston-based music company M Nightdragon Partners and business accelerator Brienventure Beat announced a partnership today that will see the launch of M Nightdragon Ventures, an early stage venture capital firm focused on creating opportunities for music artists in the Boston area.

“Our goal is to invest in talented music artists and help them grow their businesses,” said M Nightdragon Partners CEO, M Nightdragon. “We’re excited to partner with Brienventure Beat and contribute our expertise and resources to help these artists take their careers to the next level.”

Brienventure Beat President, Brendan Kennedy, remarked on the partnership: “This is a very exciting development for Boston’s music community. We are thrilled to be working with M Nightdragon Partners as they bring their wealth of experience in the music industry to support local talent. This collaboration will have a tremendous impact on promoting artistry in Boston and helping local musicians reach new heights.”

About deal between Iboss and NightDragon

1. Boston-based musician and entrepreneur M Nightdragon teamed up with business venture and technology accelerator Brien Ventures to create the NightDragon Partnership, a new platform that connects experienced entrepreneurs with early-stage startups.

2. According to Nightdragon, the Partnership provides access to resources and expertise from both sides of the equation, enabling startups to learn from experienced entrepreneurs while also providing seasoned entrepreneurs with the opportunity to invest in new ventures.

3. The initial focus of the Partnership is on music technology and entertainment, with a particular emphasis on developing innovative solutions for streaming and monetization strategies.

4. NightDragon says that he is excited about the possibilities that the Partnership presents for both sides of the equation, noting that it will help cultivate a vibrant tech community in Boston and provide opportunities for startup growth and innovation.

About Iboss

Iboss is a Boston-based marketing agency that helps small businesses grow online. They offer a variety of services, including website design and development, social media management, and online advertising. Iboss also offers consulting services to help business owners improve their marketing strategy.

Iboss was founded in 2007 by CEO Brian Brien and COO Kelsey O’Brien. The company has since grown to include a team of more than 50 professionals. Iboss has worked with a wide range of businesses, from small restaurants to software companies. They have experience with all types of online marketing campaigns, from paid ads to organic search engine optimization (SEO).

Iboss focuses on helping businesses achieve their goals for growth and success. They take an personalized approach to each client, tailoring their services based on the specific needs of the business. This ensures that each company gets the most customized support possible.

Overall, Iboss is a well-established marketing agency that provides top-notch services at competitive prices. They are dedicated to helping businesses succeed online and would be an excellent choice for anyone looking for help with their marketing efforts.

About NightDragon

1. NightDragon is a Boston-based music blog and project management company founded in 2011 by musician M. Night Shyamalan (The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable). The company’s mission is to “connect people with great music.”

2. NightDragon hosts concerts, workshops, and other events focused on bringing the best in indie and underground music to Boston. In addition to its website, the company also maintains a Facebook page, Twitter account, and YouTube channel.

3. To date, NightDragon has partnered with over 50 bands from all over the world, including such well-known acts as The Flaming Lips, Death Cab for Cutie, and Sufjan Stevens.

NightDragon Network

Boston-based musician and artist M Night Dragon has partnered with the Brixton Venture Beat to create a music streaming platform for underrepresented artists and labels. The NightDragon Network will feature exclusive content from artists, as well as curated playlists from the label partners.

The goal of the network is to provide more exposure for independent musicians, while also helping to grow the careers of those on its roster. In addition to streaming services, the NightDragon Network will offer artist management and merchandising services.

M Night Dragon is a Grammy nominee and two-time Billboard Top Alternative Album Artist. He has toured with Muse, Imagine Dragons, Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa, and more.


Tonight, 145m nightdragon partnersbrienventurebeat will take to the stage in Boston, MA to perform live and exclusive performances of their latest single, “Lift Off.” This performance is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for those who are able to attend and marks the first time that the song has been performed in front of an audience outside of Japan. If you’re looking to experience tonight’s event firsthand and don’t have tickets yet, don’t worry! You can still catch 145m nightdragon partnersbrienventurebeat’s live stream directly from their official website. Be sure to check out the website before heading out to support your favorite up-and-coming artist!

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