Top Live Streaming Service Providers for Wedding

Live Streaming

Will you live stream your wedding? There are many options available for live streaming your wedding to online visitors. Your live streaming platform can definitely match the mood of your virtual wedding, which can be as basic or as extravagant as you choose. However, picking the ideal live streaming service to broadcast your wedding might be challenging. Because of this, we’ve put together the definitive list of the best live streaming platforms so that you can invite friends and family from a distance to watch your wedding.

Why Live Stream Your Wedding?

The simplest and least expensive way to incorporate those who cannot attend your wedding is to live stream it. No matter how big or small your wedding is, some family members and friends will undoubtedly be unable to attend your special day. Another excellent approach to capture, store, and back up your wedding is by live streaming it. In actuality, an increasing number of couples these days use live streaming.

The good news is that holding your wedding online is becoming more and more commonplace as we all grow accustomed to digitally attending events and socializing with one another. What was the nicest part of it all? Your wedding can be streamed live for practically nothing! and success is simpler than you might imagine. On your special day, you can go live if your wedding venue has wifi or cell connection. A reliable internet connection, camera, audio equipment, and a live streaming platform are all you need to use it.

Top-rated providers of live streaming services for wedding


Dreamcast may be the best choice for you if you’re seeking for a live streaming service provider to broadcast your wedding. Camcorders, cameras, smartphones, and webcams can all send data to this platform. To help you simply stay in touch with your potential audience, this platform provides a wide range of media players, video tools, sharing features, and embedding choices. With greater pricing options, it provides competitive features. Dreamcast is renowned for its outstanding technology and user-friendly platform, which might potentially meet the special needs of professional users. It provides excellent services in a welcoming setting.

Youtube live

No login is required to watch your wedding live on YouTube, a social media streaming platform that permits live streaming with infinite spectators. This approach is significantly more accessible yet a little less private. Bonus: If your wedding live stream is shorter than 12 hours, YouTube will automatically archive it so you may watch it again without having to manually upload it to your account. You can modify the privacy settings as you see fit, so don’t worry. Users can live stream their events through the YouTube channel with the help of YouTube Live. This platform offers fantastic features including chats, tools, and an interactive platform for communication. It is developed with remarkable analytics.


You probably know of or have been invited to a Zoom session for work or socializing. It has become so popular that people may utilize it for wedding ceremonies since it has gone completely bonkers. Zoom streams to a private cloud, however, the free version has a 40-minute time limit and a maximum of 100 viewers. The best thing is that your visitors may watch your live stream without having to register; they only need to download the app to their phone or computer.


LoveStream is a well-known and dependable provider of live streaming services. Simple set-up, options for numerous camera perspectives, easy one-click streaming access for your *unlimited* guests, and a variety of add-ons including online wedding planning, guest books, professional streaming equipment rental, and more are all available.

Every visitor can use its streaming tool; not just those who are tech-savvy. Visitors can easily view your wedding live or at a later time on a personalized website (like DVR). No need to log in or download an app. Therefore, even if your grandparents are illiterate in the usage of Facebook or Zoom, they can still assist you in celebrating. LoveStream makes it incredibly simple.


One of the few apps, Wedfuly, allows you to live stream your wedding while providing your guests with tech support and concierge services using an existing platform (in this case, Zoom). They will modify the music, mute it as necessary, and do other things like a virtual rehearsal. Wedfuly will handle all the setup and technical requirements if you want to use Zoom as your platform but would prefer not to deal with them. Wedfuly offers upscale virtual wedding packages that include (but are not limited to) MCs, e-vites, custom wedding websites, rental equipment, highlight reels, tech support, and so much more. Wedfuly collaborates with the video meeting platform Zoom. You can consider wedfuly’s live streaming service for weddings.


Lovecast is a mobile software for wedding live streaming that sends text notifications to guests to let them know it’s party time. You may webcast your wedding affordably with the help of this live streaming service provider. It offers live chat, 1080HD video quality, and simple one-click streaming access for an infinite number of visitors without the need to download an app.

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